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Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Human understanding is very rare this days,
Too much value is placed on the all mighty dollar
and simplicity taken away.

People are judged by what they have not by what they need
Even if a piece of bread is all that they seek.

If you are poor you do not stand a chance,
for human understanding to give you a second glance.

Money is more important than that homeless on the street,
For in this world we live in the simple things we never can retreat.

Kindness, love, and caring of the human race,
Unfortunately my friends have all been replaced.

Money is now our leader and our God,
The Human Factor is forever gone.

Our lives are beset with a quest for wealth,
No time to understand ourselves.

Think once, Think twice to what I say,
How will you fare come judgment day?

Most poor will have values that are simple but high,
But wealth and power will push the poor aside.

That child on the street though homeless she may be,
Will always have a smile for you and for me.

Will you return that smile or just walk away?
And deny her a future from your actions today!

Think once think twice to what I say,
Most of what I have seen these days,
People don't care and would just walk away.

If you don't have a dollar, you won't get a dime,
Even to ask is a waste of time.

One man becomes wealthy and does not care,
That his greed caused five families homelessness to bare.

I do believe come judgment day,
The poor, through the Peril Gates, will lead the way!

Their values though simple but high,
Will be able to push the wealthy aside.

Their will finally come,
Kindness, love, and caring of the Human Factor will rein number one.

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